Three Giveaways and an Update

Three Giveaways and an Update.

I figured now would be a good time for a monthly update. If you follow me on Facebook, some of you may know that I’ve challenged myself to write a book a month for the next four months. (Just write, not polish, edit or publish. That will come later in the year, starting this summer with Maiden’s Wolf’s release. If all goes according to plan.) Besides, I want to improve as a writer and part of that is finding a good editor. Hunting down the perfect editor is time-consuming because you need to find someone who is a good match for both your writing style and genre etc.

That research has eaten up some of my writing time, so I’m a little behind with Maiden’s Wolf. It’s about 1/3 complete, and oh, yeah. It’s not looking much like a novella. It’s looking a lot like a novel.

I’ve also been plotting out Death’s Queen and Stone’s War. And fans of Ishtar’s Blade will be happy to learn that I’ve also begun writing Blade’s Honor (book 2). In the coming months, I’ll post sample chapters and cover reveals and other goodies so readers will know that the books are actually coming and I’m not just stringing them along.😉

That’s all I’ve got for now. So, here, have a couple more giveaways!

Just click on the images below to take you to the links. (There are Free Ebooks, Amazon Gift Cards and Kindles to be won. Oh, by the way, the first one is regional. One for USA/global and a second for UK only. The link takes you to the US Fantasy section, but if you’re from the UK, just go to the top and click the UK Fantasy or Sci-fi Section and you’ll see the giveaway link underneath the Free and 99c books. Good Luck.)




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A book for Earth Day.

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April 22nd Happy Earth Day!

I’m an introvert environmentalist. (Not one of those big brave, put my life on the line types—Although, I highly respect people that are willing to put their lives on the line for our species’ and the planet’s future.)

Instead, I try to consider the earth in my day to day lifestyle. I have a car, but I live close enough to walk to work, so I walk. I plant trees and garden to provide food and habitat for animals. I try to be energy efficient as much as I’m able.

Sometimes my environmental mindset works its way into my writing. I try not to club my readers over the head with it.

However, I just watched the documentary Racing Extinction.

Maybe I need to work environmental issues into my writing more often. The human race needs to get its collective head out of its collective _____ (fill in the blank) if we want a planet for our grandchildren to inherit.

Stone’s Song, book 2 of my Avatars series, has the most blatant environmental theme. In it, an ancient siren awakens to find the ocean realm slowly dying because of what humans have been doing to it for the last hundred years. She sets out to destroy the human race to save everything else. (So, yeah, villain. But she’s the one villain I’ve always felt bad about killing off in the end. Although I gave her a hero’s death in the end.)

Wish I had thought about this sooner. I would have done some kind of promo/fundraiser for a charity.

So in lieu of that, I’m going to try my hand at fundraising for an environmental charity.  I’ll give all proceeds from Stone’s Song to a charity. I’ll give myself a year (Earth Day 2017) to see how much I can make. I’ll post updates throughout the year. I just came up with this in the last hour, so yeah, not really well thought out yet…..

I’ll call this a work in progress.

New Adult and Urban Fantasy Kindle Giveaway!

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Check out the great selection of Free Books April 2-3 Only!

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Hello and Happy April.


I’ve been getting a lot of people asking which book will be coming out next and publication dates etc. Which is totally awesome and new for me. You know, people actually finding and reading my books.:) I’ll be writing  about my publishing schedule in the next post. So keep an eye out for that one.


But in the meantime, Patty Jansen is hosting another of her multi-author ebook cross promotion sales this weekend. This month it’s a selection of Free ebooks. You can check it out HERE.

Ishtar’s Blade is a Bestseller.

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Ishtar’s Blade made the Amazon Top 100 List

Woot! Woot! Cool!

(Sorry, I’ve got the worst head cold. That might have been the medicine talking.) Bestseller? I’m not sure what the criteria is for that, but I think I’d have to sell way more than I have. But still, it’s been a pretty fun ride to watch Ishtar’s Blade slowly rise up through the ranks. This morning is was #64 in the paid in Kindle Store. Tonight it has dropped to # 87. I think it has reached its peak and will now slowly (I hope slowly) fall back to a more normal rank.

All in all, it did far better than I dreamed. I’ll write a followup post at a later date, explaining why it did so well (my opinion as least, who really knows how the mysterious Amazon algorithms actually work.)

I’ll be increasing the price soon, so if you still want to try it for only 99c, grab your copy HERE. Or you can read it for Free with Kindle Unlimited.


March 17th ‘Getting Lucky’ Romance and Erotica Sale :-)


Yep, you read that right.

It’s another multi-author cross promotion. This time, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of romance and erotica authors. (Yep…the prude is running wild. Lol) No, not really, and I’m not suddenly going to start writing the spicier stuff—that takes skills I don’t possess as a writer (just ask my editor). Ishtar’s Blade is about as spicy as my novel skills get. However, after having a look at many of the books in my novels’ also-boughts on Amazon, I realized many of my readers/fans also read the steamier stuff, too. This promotion is for you.😉 Enjoy!

























Here’s the complete list and a couple Giveaways:

You can check out Lynda Belle’s $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway here:

And Today’s Book Deals is having a $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway as well:




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Kindle Unlimited Promotion!


Kindle Unlimited/Free on Kobo promotion 5-6 March 2016

Patty Jansen is hosting another multi-author super sale on her website. If you like science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal romance, go check it out HERE!

A quick note about this sale. This promotion has two parts. The first part is Amazon kindle books available in the Kindle Unlimited program.

The Kindle Unlimited program allows you to read as much as you want for $9.99 per month. (books that are in the program, that is.)

In other news, Ishtar’s Blade is still 99c for a limited time.

If you haven’t gotten your copy you still can.

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Hope you enjoy Patty’s Promotion.

Bye for now,