First Blog

Well…first blog post ever.

Yesterday and today I spent the day doing a lot of ‘firsts’. First time I signed a book contract. First time I created a Facebook account. First time I created a WordPress account. First time I joined a bunch of Yahoo! Groups. And on and on and on… get the picture. My brain feels like so much cotton.

MuseItUp Publishing is a new Canadian epub. There is always risk signing with a young press, but so far, I like what I’ve seen and heard, so I don’t mind taking the risk. Honestly, I don’t even see it as a risk. I see it as a learning experience.

Much to my surprise, Betrayal’s Price (called In Deception’s Shadow when I workshopped it on the OWW) will be published by MuseItUp.

On the funny side, yesterday I began the day with a cup of coffee and a trip to my greenhouse to see how the orchids were doing. There is one slipper orchid I bought as a seedling six or seven years ago, and earlier this year it finally decided to grace me with a flower spike. The bud was developing nicely. If I was to guess, it would have opened in the next month or so.

I swear, all I did was lean down for a better look and the bud aborted. Well….sh*t!

First orchid scared to death by my perky early morning self.


2 thoughts on “First Blog

  1. I always knew you should write, you’re wit translates well to online commentary! I shall follow you loyally, what best friend wouldn’t!

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