For the love of Trilogies!

As a teen, I spent many wondrous summers reading fantasy trilogies. I wasn’t biased; I also liked good stand alone novels. But trilogies were just such a wonderful length. You could get to know a character in book one, then look forward to seeing them in the next book. (Which would usually be published a year later. Oh, the good old days where you didn’t have to wait 3-5 years for the next volume of an epic fantasy series to come out.) Then book three would come along and pull together all the plot threads and tie them up in a satisfying way.

Everything must change and grow. So I wasn’t too upset to see the emergence of trilogies with four books in a series. (grins)

And there are wonderful series with four, five, even six books. But there comes a time when I just want to finish, reach that point at the end when the good guys vanquish the shadow. I want to reach ‘The End’.

Honestly, I hadn’t put much thought into this until I realised it’s been twenty years for one series I started reading as a teen. That’s a whole generation. When I first found out Brandon Sanderson was finishing the WoT series, I was very happy for all the diehard fans. And yes, I plan on re-reading that series one day just to find out how it ends. (Brandon Sanderson is one of my favourite authors.)

These are a couple trilogies I enjoyed. (I’ll compile a list later)

Alan Campbell–the Deepgate Codex
Brandon Sanderson–the Mistborn

All hail the trilogy. I hope it comes back into fashion one day.


One thought on “For the love of Trilogies!

  1. I have to agree, three-four books in a series is enough for great plot and character development without overdoing it. Some plot threads just unravel into frayed ends when a story goes on too long instead of getting sewn up neat and tidy.

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