Wicked, cruel, evil winter.


After two weeks of spring-like weather, (and I mean, the robins were back, the ground was defrosting, snowdrops and crocus were blooming) winter returned with a vengeance. So far this winter, I’ve been measuring the snowfall accumulation in feet (not inches or cm. Feet!!!!)

::Rant over::

Since I’m planning on adding writing tips to this blog, I’ll start with my first great Writing Sin: Wordiness.

Betrayal’s Price began life as a 135,000 word epic fantasy; I’ve since trimmed it to a tight 86,500 words.

Now look at this blog’s title.

Yep, three words to say the same thing. If I’m writing a first draft and become uncertain where I’m heading in a particular scene, I notice I’ll stall for time by saying the same basic thing more than once. There are many forms of weak writing, but this one is easy to fix with a good seek and destroy editing session.


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