Gargoyles, Dire Wolves and Dryads

I was wondering what to blog about when I got distracted by some pretty, shiny discs sitting next to my computer. As it turns out, they were some older backup discs of pictures I’d taken about five years ago. I started poking through them and BEHOLD it was my trip to Haliburton; the same trip which inspirited me to write Stone’s Kiss, the work in progress which was supposed to be an Urban Fantasy, but turned out to be more paranormal romance. Besides, Gregory the gargoyle refused to put a claw anywhere near a city. (So much for the Urban part of the fantasy.) There are also dire wolves in this fantasy.

Here’s some of the pictures taken at the wolf sanctuary near Base Camp where I first saw the skull of a dire wolf on display. Very cool. Anyways, I just had to write a story with these guys in it.

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