My new website is ready. (mostly)

One week. One very helpful sister. One heck of a lot of stock photos and I now have a website. ::happy dance::

It was both harder and easier than I thought. Much, much harder at first until I figured out html and website basics. After that, it was rather fun. Now I can sit back and smile.

Sure it needs a lot more info, but the bones are there. Over time I’ll add more stuff.

Under the gallery section, you’ll find stock photos of how I imagine the characters. For the non-human characters, Sorntar and Itharann, I had to get a little more creative and pull out pencil and paper. I attempted Sorntar. ‘Nuff said.

My artist sister did a quick color pencil drawing of Itharann. (Sorntar’s evil Larkin.) Hers turned out much better. I think I’ll write and leave the art to her. LOL.

Feel free to have a look:

Lisa Blackwood’s Website


6 thoughts on “My new website is ready. (mostly)

  1. Hi =) I would like to say congrats on publishing! I was just browsing through wordpress until I came across here and decided to have a look at your website. It’s every writers’ dream, so good for you. Your novel(s) sound very interesting, and the names of your characters are original (I think) and creative. I wish I could do that =P. Good luck to you!
    p.s. tell your sister her drawing is great.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    It’s great to find another tree lover. I love the info about the hamedryads. My soon to be published book by Muse is a middle grade contemporary that has a tree at the heart of the story. Title: Wounds, coming in Sept.
    The picture across the top of your blog is beautiful and evocative.

  3. Thanks for stopping at my interview on Lindsay’s blog today, Lisa. Your blog is stunning. I’m big on forests. We have lots of them up here in Canada, and even that’s not enough.

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