Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

Yes. This is another non-writing related blog post. I do have every intension of posting a few writing related posts one day, but other things of interest keep popping into my head. Today I want to mention something I feel very strongly about. If you don’t know me, I’ve always been a nature lover, and that extends to just about every furred, feathered, and scaled creature sharing this planet with us.

And perhaps because I hold a deep respect for nature, I always have a hard time understanding how a person can mistreat animals. It’s alien to me. I’m not a pacifist. Whenever I encounter horrible cases of neglect or cruelty, I see red, my blood pressure spikes and I want to…well….do not so nice things to the animal abuser.

LOL. Good thing there are people with cooler heads to step in and do the right thing. Here is one such organization.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

From their website:

“Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue is privately funded by the efforts of the owners, and kind donations of like minded animal lovers.

It is all Volunteers, who are many, that donate their time and efforts which allows Whispering Heart’s to operate.

Since being established in 2007, WHHR has saved over 100 horses in need. We are proud to say that many of these have now been adopted out to permanent loving homes as a result of our efforts and dedication to our cause.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped us make our dream come true,

Brenda and Dave.”


I’ve been to this rescue and am impressed will all the good work they do, and, yes, they can always use more volunteers and donations. If you can spare time or money, take the opportunity to help a rescue or animal shelter need you. The animals would thank you if they could.

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