Self publishing vs Small E-press Part 1

 As I mentioned a few days ago on Twitter, I’ve decided to try self publishing as well as continuing with MuseItup, my wonderful publisher. First off, I’m not doing this because Muse is unsatisfactory, (they’re lovely to work with) instead I’m doing this as a way to start building a fan base.

With self publishing, an author has a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing a selling price, selecting cover art, picking a publication date and so on. The ability to manipulate the cover price was perhaps one of the most influential factors in my decision to self publish my novel Stone’s Kiss. I can experiment with different prices to see what sells best. As this is book one in a series, I’m not so much interested in making money as I am interested in selling a great number of copies. In other words, I want to get my ebooks into as many different hands (devices) as I can.

Yes, some will argue that promotion is the key to selling, and it is. But as a reader, if I’m trying a new author for the first time, I’m a lot more likely to give them a go if their book is in the 2.99 range vs. upwards of $10. If I can buy an ebook for what I would normally pay for a paperback—I ain’t buying. Unless, I know the author and really, really, really love their work.

Another plus for self publishing is if your title is actually selling, you get a larger percent of the royalties than you would with a publisher. Yep, I know—good luck with that. LOL.

There’s a down side. Isn’t there always?
You have to do everything yourself. And, oh boy, is there ever a lot of stuff to do. I’ll talk more about that it upcoming posts. One thing I learned was to appreciate how much work publishers actually do. Wow. They earn their money.

6 thoughts on “Self publishing vs Small E-press Part 1

  1. Good luck with everything! And yes, I think cover price is a big motivator. I’ve seen some that looked so high it seemed counterproductive.

  2. Good luck, Lisa!

    I’m been pondering similar issues myself as of late, and I’m very much on the fence. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I’m chicken sh*t. 😉 On one hand, I want to get more work out and in as many hands as possible. I have a novella I see filling this role, maybe pubbed or maybe self, but either way priced low…assuming the story isn’t crap. I haven’t decided that yet. 😉 On the other hand, I worry about ways it may back fire, especially if I self-pub it. What if the self-pubbed work doesn’t perform well? Paranoia, I has it. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your self-publishing success.
    Self publishing has become a vehicle for aspiring authors to share their inspiring stories and eventually gain recognition in the writing world.
    I agree with saying that self publishing allows you to gain control over your book from designing the cover to its marketing.

  4. Sarah, you’re 100% correct. Self publishing is a lot of work, somewhat scary and it could backfire. But what the heck. Why not? I write because I enjoy writing. And publishing with a epub runs about the same risk, I suppose. You just don’t have to do all the work your self. So I see both sides. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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