Deadlines…I’ve found I work much better with a deadline. Truly I do. Without them I tend to spend too much time on Twitter or other time consuming sites. And like the pretty picture to the left suggests, I need to light a flame under my butt and get editing. I have until Monday to revise my 90,000 word WIP (235 pages). I started Monday and managed to get a massive 35 pages editted. ::rolls eyes:: Time to get to work. Let’s see if I can make that 90,000 word edit by Monday. Woot!

I can do it! Yah!…..or learn to beg nicely for forgiveness. I’ll post daily progress reports.


2 thoughts on “Edit-a-thon!

  1. Good luck! I found it hard too to edit my book. My advice to you is music. Throw on your headphones and blast your favorite tunes! Trust me, you’ll be done in no time.

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