Altered Destiny–A Review

Today I’m starting a new phase for my blog. Book Reviews.

I’ve planned to do this for a while, and just kept pushing it back. But winter is gone, and with spring’s return, I’m filled with new found energy and creativity….yah, right.

It has more to do with me being a lazy blogger, and since my day job is in a library, this isn’t that big of stretch. I think I can manage to review a few books without burning out my remaining brain cells. LOL.

First up is a relatively new book I discovered, one which I absolutely loved. It’s called Altered Destiny by Shawna Thomas. (from Carina Press)


Selia has run her family’s tavern since she was fifteen and can hunt and fight the equal of any man. When she rescues a badly wounded man and nurses him back to health, she has no idea she’s about to change not only her life, but also the destinies of two peoples…

The battered warrior is Svistra—a race of bloodthirsty savages determined to destroy her homeland. Or so the stories claim. Jaden reveals a different truth: how his ancestors were driven into the barren northern mountains. Now they are strong and war parties are pushing south wanting their land back.

The son of a Svistra Commander, Jaden is looking for a way to bring peace to both humans and Svistrans. He tries to ignore his growing passion for Selia, but when she is captured he has to decide what he would be willing to sacrifice to save the woman he loves…


Yes, I know. Two of epic fantasy’s favorite tropes—a tavern wench, and she can fight like a man. But all in all, Selia manages to avoid being either Xena-like or a helpless girly tavern wench in need of rescuing every other paragraph. Gasp—she is the rarest of creatures, an honest to goodness believable, hardworking woman.

Jaden, the hero, is very likable too. While he isn’t the typical mean alpha male we see in many romance novels now days, he’s still a warrior, and one with a brain in his head. Or perhaps he is an alpha, just one who avoids being an a**hole. (I’ll abstain from my Big Old Rant about why I thinks it’s uncool for an alpha hero to be a big jerk to the heroine in romance novels. ‘Cause jerky, a**hole-ism is not sexy. At least not IMHO, it’s not.) What? Where was I? Oh, yes. Sorry.

I found the world to be well developed, though I hope for more to be revealed in future books, (there better be future books in this series). Oh, and the plot doesn’t disappoint either.

Overall, this was a wonderful break from all the urban fantasy and paranormal romance I’ve been reading of late. Bring me more epic/high fantasy. ::Cheers::

Will I buy the next book by this author? Yes!

Will I re-read Altered Destiny? There’s a really good chance (and I don’t re-read books very often.)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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