A Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Update.

I can’t wait to go back to the rescue tomorrow after work. I’ve been thinking of the horses, especially the dark bay quarterhorse. (I’ve a soft spot for the dark bays. Probably because they always remind me of my Oakley. LOL.)

Anyways, Brenda and Dave have had a heck of a couple days. The kind-eyed dark bay stallion ran into some trouble (I almost cried when I saw the pictures). He’s got so little muscle left on his hind end that when he laid down he couldn’t get back up again. So they came up with this.





This just shows the lengths Brenda and Dave will go to save a horse. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours they’ve already put into the rescue, but they do it out of love and I am in awe. (which doesn’t happen often.)

By the way, they’ve named him Miracle. I love the name. Everyone, please send Miracle and his herdmates your love.


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