Yippee-Ki-Yay-Mother…Nature. A True Canadian Winter

Dog and Snow Feb2013Storm 037Well, in one of those rare once-in-a-decade events, the Day Job called this morning and I was told we would be closed due to the snow storm. Which is so OKAY with me since I’m coming down with a cold. Plus, I’m almost done editing book two of the In Deception’s Shadow series, and can certainly use the day off for writing related stuff.


So far the day has turned out something like this…get up, shovel, eat, edit, shovel, edit, lunch, go play with dog in the snow, edit, make tea, shovel, take pictures of the snow, edit, blog. By the look of this storm it’s going to be one of those really nasty SOBs. I understand the need for winter, and snow pack is a great thing so I’m not going to complain….oh, who am I kidding? Like a true Canadian I love to *itch about the weather, so I’m going to. I hurt! My back hurts, my elbows hurt, my shoulders hurt. And then I get finished and what do I hear but the deep rumble of the snow plow coming down the road. Argh!!! I think I’ve shoveled more snow today than in the last three winters combine.


Dear Mother Nature:

In case you didn’t get the memo, here’s today’s definition for you….  Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes.


I know, Climate Change is our own dang fault…mumble, mumble, mumble.


At least my dog loves the snow.

Dog and Snow Feb2013Storm 054




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