Argh! Another Goal Bites the Dust.

I had planned to start blogging again. My goal: once a week.

Now that doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

For the average human, no, probably not. But for me, the social media sloth….those plans for a once a week post turned into once a month post. ::cough:: ::cough::

Though, this time I do have a good excuse.

What can I say, I’ve been trying to figure out the IRS and their ITIN process. When I haven’t been there, I’ve been poking around the Canada Revue Agency website. So far, the CRA comes out on top—they don’t seem to want my first born. LOL. Some authors are smart enough to figure this out all on their own. Me—I think I’m smart enough to know when I need to find a tax professional to do this kind of stuff for me.

 I’ve been deep into editing book 2 of my epic fantasy romance series, In Deception’s Shadow. So between that and tax funnies, I may have an excuse for being a little…or a lot crazy.

 Which brings me to today’s news (since Lea from MuseItUp freely admits she’s crazy, too).

 Over on the MuseItUp Publishing blog we’re running a monthly blog theme about author pet peeves. I’ll be posting on March 14, so be sure to pop over to see what pushes my buttons. I’ve also heard there’s going to be some daily e-book giveaways. I’ll post details later about that. Stay tuned—Muse has some fun stuff in the works.

Here are some titles from this month’s posts:

No One Likes Rejection, But….

Publishing and/or Writing Pet Peeves and How I Solved Them


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