Updates and Editing Funnies.

I see I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Big surprise there. Bad me.

Writing wise, a couple months back I signed a contract for book two of In Deception’s Shadow, my epic fantasy romance series with MuseItUp Publishing. This one is called Herd Magic, and is about Ashayna’s sister, Sorsha, and the Santhyrian Ambassador, Shadowdancer. I just finished round one of edits, and am about to send it back to my editor. I’m also working on book three(Lamarra’s story), called the Dead Queen.

At the same time, since I can’t seem to work on just one project, I’m writing book two of the Avatars. In Stone’s Song, Lillian and Gregory face off against a newly awakened, centuries old Siren—and she’s not at all happy with what humans have been doing to her oceans while she slept.

I’m also about to reboot a new sci-fi series I started last year because Vengeance, Warship of the Spire, is just too much fun to let stagnant on my hard drive.

Night Owl Reviews is having another of their web scavenger hunts. I decided to join this one. Click on the widget to the left for details about how to win books, Amazon gift cards and other cool stuff.


Editing funnies from Herd Magic. (Because an author should be able to laugh at themselves.)


Map instead of heap (don’t ask me how I made/missed that one)

Past instead of passed (should have caught that one)

Then instead of than. (but only twice. Yeh! An improvement.)

Torn instead of tore (more than once)

Just….is a filler word. Bad Lisa.

Towards instead of toward. (and vice versa. Too many times to count.)

Power, power, power,….you get the idea.

Sweet instead of sweat.

Founded instead of found….yep…really.

Bounded instead of bound. (Which I think is actually worse.)

Lay instead of lie.

Hewed instead of hewn.


Yep, them there are some great mestakes. ::rolls eyes::


The next issue I ran into is probably only something sci-fi and fantasy authors encounter. While a character’s internal thoughts are usually denoted with italics, so too is telepathic communication between characters. The only difference is the telepathic communication has quotes (I’ve seen other symbols used as well, but quotes seems to be the most popular.) But I found having both in italics was too confusing to read, so my character’s internal thoughts are not in italics. Apparently I don’t just break rules, I reverse them. Lol.


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