Woot! I made it onto an Amazon bestseller list.

Okay. So it’s really only a tiny little accomplishment. Stone’s Kiss landed as #100 on the Amazon bestseller list for Sword and Sorcery fantasy. It’s a relatively small pool compared to the ocean that is Amazon, but….Woot! I’m in the middle of a promo run for Stone’s Kiss and over the last few days it has sold about 120 copies @0.99, which equals only about $42 dollars in royalties. Of those 120 copies, about 50 of them were sold today, hence the reason I landed on the bestseller list and why I’ll drop back off again by morning. But I don’t care. The real interest is what will happen in the coming days after the promo ends. 

My hope–that I’ll get a few more good reviews, gain a few new fans, get a few of those before mentioned fans to sign up for my mailing list, and get some sell through on my other titles. Baby steps. So far so good.

Update: Okay, it’s kinda cool that I have to update this already. Stone’s Kiss just climbed from #100 t0 #62. 

Stone's Kiss4 stone's kiss#62



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