Stone’s Divide Available for pre-order

stonesdivide-ebookI just wanted to let my readers know about a couple exciting events. First, Gregory and his lady love, Lillian will be making another appearance very soon in Stone’s Divide (release date October 8th) It’s available now for Pre-order.

On a side note, if you’re a fan of my other series, In Deception’s Shadow, I’m working on Death’s Queen and a novella called, Maiden’s Wolf, set in the same world. I had hoped to get these two out this summer, but a pesky Spire Warship by the name of Vengeance got in the way. He’s the A.I. hero in my new Sci-fi series. My newsletter readers will be meeting him at some point in the future, as I plan to give away advanced reading copies to anyone interested.

I’ve also created my first Author Newsletter. (Yah, I know I’m way behind the times.) You can see it here. Although, it’s the exact same information that’s in this post. If you would like to get emails about my new releases, promotional sales and freebies, you can join my mailing list by signing up on the homepage of my website (under the banner picture on the right-hand side) here.

I’ll start posting more frequent updates on my website, blog, and Facebook author’s page.


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