The Avatars Box Set 99c for a Limited Time


So I’m getting on the bandwagon and finally putting out an Avatars Series box set (why they call it a box set I have no idea, because really it is an Omnibus, but that’s an uphill battle for another day.) Box sets are becoming more popular with both readers and authors for two main reasons. Readers new to a series can try the first few installments with little risk, and authors gain a new avenue to help increase traction and visibility for the rest of the series or other books. Let’s admit it. Visibility, or the lack thereof, is the greatest hurdle any indie author must face.

It really is a win-win situation.

And a 99c three book bundle is a really good deal for the reader; yet, it still benefits the author as well. Not in a monetary way, no. But in gaining future fans of the series, sell thru to other books, mailing list signups, word of mouth, facebook likes, retweets…the list goes on.


Also, Amazon’s algorithms have 30, 60, and 90-day ‘cliffs’ (each cliff supposedly results in a decrease of sales because of decreasing visibility.) Have I ever seen this personally? No. But other, far more successful authors have. You have to first have sales to notice a decrease in them. lol! I’ve never actually done a proper new release launch for any of my novels. I’m more of a finish, edit, get a cover, publish it and then ignore it kind of author. At least, I was. I’ve since learned a few things about marketing.

That’s where a 99c new release box set comes into play. Starting tomorrow, I’ve lined up some promotional sites to run it for the next two weeks, and then I’ll do some social media blogging, Twitter, and Facebook to see if I can help drive it up the ranks on Amazon. My goal: I’d like to see it get a ranking of 2000-3000 or better. Would I like to see it get one of those little Amazon bestseller ribbons? Sure! But that’s probably not going to happen. However, if this title sells enough copies, that will get it into a Hot New Release category, which in turn gets more eyeballs on the books, which equals a better ranking, equals more sales….yeah, seeing the big picture yet? I’ve also timed this so (hopefully) I will get a boatload of new fans just in time for the release of Ishtar’s Blade coming in March, which in turn will help drive that one up the new release ranks when it gets published.

One big negative to the timing of my box set is that I don’t have other books out in this series yet. Book four will be coming later this year. There’s always a silver lining. By then, the box set should have enough reviews to get it into some of the big dog promotional sites. Bookbub, I’ve got you in my crosshairs. You will run one of my books one day. Yes, you will. ::<<<—-positive reinforcement that probably isn’t going to do me one lick of good. Bookbub likes books that are Wide vs Select. But that’s a blog post for another day.::




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