The Avatars 99c Box Set (But it’s really an Omnibus) Why the Heck Not Promo


::promo already in progress—I got busy and forgot I was going to post this here.::

This is an information sharing blog post geared toward my fellow writers, not so much for my readers–though you are welcome to read on and I love you dearly! Stay tuned. The next blog post will be of more interest to you. 🙂

Okay, a little background.

I had planned to put out a box set (it’s really called an Omnibus, since ebooks don’t come in a box, but whatever) later this year around the time I publish book four in my Avatars series. Then Patty Jansen mentioned doing a 99c box set promo Feb 6th and 7th so I figured why not. Plus, having it out now will give it time to collect a few reviews before book four comes out in the fall. Maybe Bookbub will accept one of my submissions by then. Rebecca Frank designed the cover and I hired editors to give all the books another polish. I then released it into the wilds on January 16th, priced at 5.99.

It sold a whopping 14 copies (Woot! Woot! ::Sarcasm::) without promotion of any kind, then it took a dive as expected. I rounded up a few promo sites, dropped the price to 99c and now I wait.

My goal: gain new readers and mailing list signups. I have another novel I’m hoping to publish in March and I’d love to grow my mailing list more before that release. My list is still small (620 at last count).

Secondary Goal: To drive it up the sales ranks and gain more visibility while it’s still within its new release 30days on Amazon. This isn’t about making money, it’s about building a platform. Money would be nice and all, but I’ll be happy to break even. When you’re in Select and price a book at 99c, most of your money comes from borrows, the number of pages read to be exact.

A couple other notes: I’m all-in with Select, so Kindle Unlimited borrows really boost rank. If you’re wide and not exclusive to Amazon then you’d need to sell more books to reach the same ranks shown in the post below. (I know. Amazon Exclusivity. Boo. Hiss. I do plan to go wide in another year or so. By that time, I should have enough of a backlist to make it worthwhile/gain traction on those other retailers.)

There is a boatload of promo sites out there to choose from. These were the few sites that will take new releases with no reviews. I was surprised that ENT took it with no reviews, but the series overall does have 65+reviews 4.2 rating. Also, I’ve used most of these sights before, so that might play a role, too. [Only Flurries Unlimited is new to me.]

I’m including the pages read as well, but find those from promos usual spike 3-5 days later.

I’ll continue to update this here and on Kboards daily. I hope this helps other new authors venturing into marketing for Trad or Indie publishing.

If an urban fantasy with a gargoyle hero sounds like your kind of read, you can get your 99c copy HERE.


Date                 Site                                        Sales/Page Reads                Amazon Rank

Jan16-25th    No Promo                              14 sales/20,616 pages read        90-100K ish

Jan 26th        ILVN ($77)                             118 sales/1122 pages read           2567

Jan 27th        Flurries Unlimited ($25)       10 sales/2151 pages read            4500

Jan 28th        Betty Book Freak  ($12)         39 sales/3842 pages read          3988

Jan 29th         Nothing lined up                              143 Sales/10,074 pages read     825

Jan 30th        Facebook Boost

Jan 31st         Free Kindle Books and Tips ($25)

Feb 1st          E.B. Brown Cross promo mailing list

Feb 2            Ebook Hounds ($10)

Feb 3

Feb 4            The Fussy Librarian ($10)

Feb 5            ENT

Feb 6            Patty’s Promo

Feb 7             Patty’s Promo

Feb 8            Nothing

Feb 9            Nothing

Feb 10           Nothing

Feb 11            Book Barbarian ($15)


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