Ishtar’s Blade is a Bestseller.

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Ishtar’s Blade made the Amazon Top 100 List

Woot! Woot! Cool!

(Sorry, I’ve got the worst head cold. That might have been the medicine talking.) Bestseller? I’m not sure what the criteria is for that, but I think I’d have to sell way more than I have. But still, it’s been a pretty fun ride to watch Ishtar’s Blade slowly rise up through the ranks. This morning is was #64 in the paid in Kindle Store. Tonight it has dropped to # 87. I think it has reached its peak and will now slowly (I hope slowly) fall back to a more normal rank.

All in all, it did far better than I dreamed. I’ll write a followup post at a later date, explaining why it did so well (my opinion as least, who really knows how the mysterious Amazon algorithms actually work.)

I’ll be increasing the price soon, so if you still want to try it for only 99c, grab your copy HERE. Or you can read it for Free with Kindle Unlimited.



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