Last Day to get Ishtar’s Blade for 99c

Just a quick note to let people know that Ishtar’s Blade is 99c for a short time. I’ll likely be increasing the price back to full tomorrow.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ishtar’s Blade, it’s a somewhat steamy historical Fantasy Romance Sword and Sorcery novel based on ancient Sumerian culture. It was fun to write and research. Here’s a blurb:

King’s confidant.
Avenging blade of the Goddess Ishtar.

Iltani asked to be none of these things. Yet fate does not ask permission when she weaves souls upon destiny’s loom.

On the day of Iltani’s birth, an assassin tried and nearly succeeded in ending the line of the gryphon kings. Out of that bloodshed, an unbreakable bond was forged between child-king and goddess-chosen infant, and from that pivotal moment forward, Iltani was never farther from King Ditanu than his shadow. Not until her training to become Ishtar’s Blade required her to leave.

After four brutal years of training, Iltani now returns to court as Ishtar’s Blade and takes up her role of king’s shadow—a dangerous position in a court where the threat of another assassination is but a blade’s width away. But for the chance to stand at the side of her beloved king, she will endure the dangers of court intrigues, assassins, and political maneuverings.

Ishtar’s Blade is available at the following retailers:





Ishtar’s Blade is book one of a series, but because of cover design issues, the sequels are getting bumped until 2017. Sorry. But some cover designers are just worth the wait.

Oh, and I’m also taking part in another multi-author cross promotion, so if you would like to check it out, just click the image below.






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