Death’s Queen Release Week Round Up.

A big thank you to my readers! (Yes. I’m now working on the next two Gargoyle and Sorceress Books! And the spin-off series. So 2017 is year of the gargoyle.)
Numbers Data (for all those authors who are lurking my posts) 🙂

Death’s Queen made it as high as #5275 in the Amazon store on launch day. Woot! It has since dropped back, but that’s to be expected as I did almost zero marketing with this one and it’s not exclusive to amazon, so you have to sell twice as many books to achieve the same rank to make up for the lack of Kindle Unlimited borrows. I’m newly wide, so haven’t gained much traction at the other retailers yet. Here’s the numbers for Death’s Queen over the last four days, including pre-order sales. Amazon: 397, Kobo: 31, iBooks: 7, and Nook: 4. So, yeah, small potatoes. More readers will discover the book over time. Marketing always helps, too.

Anyways, I’ll be increasing the price to $4.99 later this weekend, so grab it now if you want it at a discount. If you’re new to this series, I would suggest starting with book one. You can get Betrayal’s Price FREE by clicking here: KOBO,   NOOK,   iBOOKS, and   AMAZON.


After her two sisters are caught up by destiny’s call, Lamarra Stonemantle is the only one left to play the role of dutiful noble daughter. A task she embraces in an effort to hide the dark magic living inside her own soul. Now that power is whispering its seductive promises again, telling her only a long dead king can complete her soul.

That unknown being terrifies her, but when Lord Master Trensler orders his acolytes to capture Lamarra, she must flee her home. To her dismay, she is rescued by tomb guards sent by her dead king.

Lamarra soon learns her fate is just as terrible as she thought, but Dead King Soryn isn’t anything like she feared. He’s worse. Yet he’s also gentle and kind and he knows a way to track and destroy the acolytes’ evil god.





KOBO         NOOK         IBOOKS   
I hope you enjoyed Death’s Queen. Book 5, The Prince’s Gryphon, will be published later this year. Likely December.

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