It’s snowing buckets. Curl up with Sorceress Rising. Flash 99c sale.

I just wanted to give you the heads-up that my three book boxset up for sale again. I took it down several months ago because I changed the series name) but it’s up again now so don’t buy it if you’ve already read the first three books. However if you’ve read the first three books and wouldn’t mind leaving a review, that would be totally awesome! Here’s the LINK.

Onward to the real news: If you live in a part of the world where you’re getting snowed on, like me, you may enjoy reading a few chapters of about my gargoyles between bouts of snow shoveling. So I’ve discounted Sorceress Rising (book two of the Gargoyle and Sorceress series) to 99c for 3 days only. If you haven’t tried this series yet, you can get book one on Instafreebie. JUST CLICK HERE.

Now, back to working on Sorceress At War. By the way, Shadowlight just can’t keep out of terrible and Gregory is a little confused with the whole Lillian and her doppelganger twin-self. The things authors do to their characters. ::evil laugh::


Ignorance nearly killed Lillian once.

That time, she’d known nothing of magic until Gregory, her Gargoyle Protector, awoke from his stone sleep and saved her from demons escaped from the Magic Realm. They defeated the demonic Riven at great personal cost, one which forced them both to hibernate for months while they mended.

Healed, Lillian wakes to a world greatly changed, one where her sleepy northern town has been overrun by military, scientists, and paparazzi. Apparently, her battle with the Riven did not go completely unnoticed, and her actions put her Coven family at risk of exposure.

These new tensions unearth another concern. Lillian and Gregory may be one being in the Spirit Realm, soul mates in the most literal sense, but it does not guarantee a perfect accord here on earth, especially when Gregory’s clearly defined sense of good and evil urge him to eradicate anyone he deems as evil—which, to her dismay, includes a good chunk of humanity.

But their troubles are not limited to humans, not when another, older power rises from the ocean’s depths. Tethys, a siren of the ancient world, has her own plans for Gregory. For the first time in their many lives, Lillian finds herself at odds with her other half.

And if she does not master her own magic, this battle will become her greatest defeat.







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