Happy Release Day to Dominion Rising.

It’s finally here! I’m very excited for the release of Vengeance: Warships of the Spire as part of the Dominion Rising anthology.

For one thing, it’s going to be huge. In every way. This beast of an anthology is over 5000+ pages.

For another, big badass Warships! What’s not to love about a hero packing enough power to reduce a solar system to rubble? Not that he would, of course. He’s the good guy after all, and, really, he’s a big softy. But yeah. More power! And his partner, Liv? She’s pretty badass at times herself.

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, Dominion Rising will be 99c for the next week. Don’t miss out.



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Dominion Rising is a limited edition Fantasy and Sci-fi collection of unparalleled value. Grab your copy today!


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