Gargoyle and Sorceress Series

Sorceress Found: A Gargoyle and Sorceress Prequel Story by [Blackwood, Lisa]

Sorceress Found (Prequel)

When Gregory, a gargoyle and Avatar to the gods, wakes to a new life, he finds the female half of his soul is missing. He soon learns she has been captured by their oldest enemy—the Lady of Battles. And that ancient rival has forced his soulmate to be reborn as a vulnerable child. To save her, Gregory will risk everything even if he must pay the ultimate price for his loyalty.

Sorceress Found is a prequel short story that takes place twelve years before the events in Sorceress Awakening: Book 1 in the popular Gargoyle and Sorceress Tales urban fantasy series.

When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

Sorceress Awakening (A Gargoyle and Sorceress Tale Book 1) by [Blackwood, Lisa]

Sorceress Awakening (Book 1)

When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

After the battle, Lillian learns the humans she thought were her family are actually a powerful coven of witches at war with the demonic Riven. Lillian is something more than human, a Sorceress and Avatar to the gods. Gregory has been her protector for many lifetimes, but when she was still a child troubles in their homeland forced him to flee with her to the human world. However, Gregory fears something from her childhood followed them to this world—he suspects Lillian is host to an infant demon, one capable of evil greater than even the Riven.

Extra complications arise when she realizes she’s concealing a forbidden love for her guardian. While she might be able to defeat the Riven with Gregory’s help, she does not know if her fragile new love can survive the evil growing in her own soul.

Sorceress Rising (A Gargoyle and Sorceress Tale Book 2) by [Blackwood, Lisa]

Sorceress Rising (Book 2)

Ignorance nearly killed Lillian once.

That time, she’d known nothing of magic until Gregory, her Gargoyle Protector, awoke from his stone sleep and saved her from demons escaped from the Magic Realm. They defeated the demonic Riven at great personal cost, one which forced them both to hibernate for months while they mended.

Healed, Lillian wakes to a world greatly changed, one where her sleepy northern town has been overrun by military, scientists, and paparazzi. Apparently, her battle with the Riven did not go completely unnoticed, and her actions put her Coven family at risk of exposure.

These new tensions unearth another concern. Lillian and Gregory may be one being in the Spirit Realm, soul mates in the most literal sense, but it does not guarantee a perfect accord here on earth, especially when Gregory’s clearly defined sense of good and evil urge him to eradicate anyone he deems as evil—which, to her dismay, includes a good chunk of humanity.

But their troubles are not limited to humans, not when another, older power rises from the ocean’s depths. Tethys, a siren of the ancient world, has her own plans for Gregory. For the first time in their many lives, Lillian finds herself at odds with her other half.

And if she does not master her own magic, this battle will become her greatest defeat.

Sorceress Hunting (A Gargoyle and Sorceress Tale Book 3) by [Blackwood, Lisa]

Sorceress Hunting (Book 3)

Some victories feel more like defeat.

Although the Siren’s downfall was necessary, it also brought about a growing divide between Lillian and Gregory. However, personal matters will have to wait, for there is a more immediate concern which must be dealt with first.

Human authorities are now aware that something equally as intelligent but far more deadly shares their world, and Lillian’s hometown has been placed under quarantine. To her dismay, it is not just a guns in the woods, boots on the ground kind of hunt. Scientists are spearheading this pursuit. Lillian soon learns she and Gregory are their intended targets.

And this just might be one hunt her gargoyle protector is ill prepared for.


4 thoughts on “Gargoyle and Sorceress Series

  1. Stone’s War was supposed to be released spring 2016 according to the ending of the last book I read. What happened? Do you plan to finish the series or write another book? Please please please don’t leave us hanging.

  2. At the end of book 3 is states the next book in series will come out in fall of 2016. It’s October. How far into fall does that extend.
    While I commiserate on deadlines and difficulties on meeting them when the unexpected happens. But, could you not just state future book (s) coming soon? It’s very frustrating to be waiting for next book after quite a cliffhanger, then find it is delayed indefinitely (or so it seems).

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